Dear Mr. Layton,

I've read this message and the 46 pages and hope that you'll be able to meet most if not all of these promises.

I am concerned though that there was no mention at all about animal protection issues. I'm sure you're aware that as the law stands, animals are a possession and have no rights.

We the animal rights and animal protection groups want to know how the NDP plans on changing the existing and most archaic laws regarding animal protection?

Would you be prepared to form a committee whose interest would be for the protection and rights of animals? Would you be prepared in having animal rescue groups sit and chair on this committee? I would be most interested in being a member of this committee having been in rescue for over 22 years.

Would you be prepared to hear what we have to say in effort to ammend and implement stronger laws for the protection of animals. Would you be agreeable to a zero tolerance of the existence of puppy mills, and abolish the sale of animals in pet stores, across Canada, as these pets come from puppy mills?

Canadian citizens interested in Animal rights and animal protection are growing in leaps and bounds. Are you prepared to work with us Mr. Layton.

Please let us know your answer as soon as possible, certainly before election date as your answer could well influence our decision of where we put our X.

I'm speaking for the many, many thousands of people across Canada who care very much about animal protection and animal rights.

I've BCC'd many of my contacts, and you may here from them as well.

Yours in rescue,

Nicole Joncas, Universal Peace Ambassador

Teja's Animal Refuge

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